Aluminum Buffing Compound 2 lb

Designed specifically for buffing of neglected uncoated aluminum. Quickly removes scratches, oxidation, small pits, and acid etch from fuel tanks, aluminum wheels and deck plates.  For machine use only.

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How to Use:

  1. Start with clean surface. Apply Busch Aluminum Buffing Compound to terry cloth rag and wipe a thin layer onto surface. If using wool buffing pad, you may apply product directly to pad.
  2. Buff surface until shine appears.
  3. Rinse with water, making certain to remove all traces of compound.
  4. Wash surface using Busch Car Wash before continuing to final shine step.


Removes light oxidation pits, corrosion stains, acid etch.

  • Water rinseable formula saves time over rouge buffing.
  • Creates a smoother surface that allows high luster polishing.
  • Works well on very large surface areas where water rinsing is advantageous.
  • Item #: 41032

Aluminum Buffing Compound 2 lb

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