Car and Pickup Buffing Kit
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This kit is designed to buff off light oxidation and restore a brilliant shine to polished aluminum surfaces. This kit will not polish rough cast, anodized or clear-coated aluminum surfaces.



Kit Contents

  • 44016     Super Shine Aluminum Polish
  • 60012     Pin Hole Adapter
  • 60520     2" Cone
  • 60620     3" Round

Optional Accessories

  • 60220     1" x 2" Cylinder Felt Bobs for oblong holes
  • 10016     Regular Aluminum Wash for wheels with stubborn stains
  • 89016     Aluminum Wax & Sealant protectorate for extra-long shine

Buffing Safety Precaution

  1. Eye protection should be worn when power-buffing
  2. Avoid the risk of electric shock. Use a properly grounded drill
  3. Cotton buffs shouldn't be operated at shaft speeds in excess of 5000 RPM

Buffing Tips

  1. For best results rpm should be between 1500 and 2000
  2.  Keep pads clean. The most common mistake is laying the drill and pad on the ground. Use newspaper, cardboard-anything that prevents direct contact with the ground.
  3. Wheels that aren't properly washed are also responsible for dirty pads.

Power Buffing with Pads

  1. Shake the bottle of Super Shine Aluminum Polish vigorously for 30 seconds.
  2.  Install the pin hole adapter into the 3" Round buff. This buff will polish flat surfaces of the wheel. Use the same adapter for the cone. The cone is used to polish the holes in the wheel and other areas that the round buff can not reach.
  3.  Apply Super Shine to a soft cotton towel and rub on to small section of the wheel. Power-buff until oxidation is gone and the desired shine is reached.
  4.  As the buff is spinning on the drill, periodically touch the with a small wire brush. This will keep the buff clean and free from sticky residue. The buffs do not respond well to soap and water since the polish is not a water-based product.
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Car and Pickup Buffing Kit

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