Chrome and Stainless Steel Polish 16 fl oz
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WARNING:  Not for use on chrome plated plastic or chrome plated aluminum.  For cleaning stains or brake dust use Busch Chrome Wash.

For removal of rust from chrome and oxidation from stainless steel. Restores shine to both surfaces and fights return of rust on chrome.

 How to Use:

Clean surface before applying product.

  1. Apply Busch Chrome and Stainless Polish to terry cloth rag, and wipe onto surface until rust or stains are removed.
  2. Wipe off with clean terry cloth rag.
  3. For chrome surfaces, save effort by using Busch Chrome Wash first to remove rust.


Removes stains and rust from chrome plated and stainless steel.

  • Provides protective film against rust and elements.
  • Can be used with buffing pad.

  • Item #: 47016

Chrome and Stainless Steel Polish 16 fl oz

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