Clear Coat Remover 16 fl oz
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Removes dull, peeled, and streaked polyester or acrylic clear coat
from aluminum and chrome surfaces. Easy to use-brush on and 
hose off. Bare aluminum can then be polished or painted. This will do four wheels.  We recommend testing your wheels for clear coat.  Sometimes a wheel appears to be clear coated when in fact it is not.  Try polishing a section of the wheel with Busch Super Shine Aluminum Polish.  If you do not get any black residue upon rubbing, it is clear coated.  Black residue means it is not clear coated, but is probably heavily oxidized.


**Shipping not available to California residents.**

Here is the How To Link: How to Remove Clear Coat



Q: Do i have to dismount the tire to use this product?

A: No.  Just remove the wheel and set it flat on the ground.  The product will not harm the tire.

Q: Is there enough to do four wheels?

A: In most applications, yes.  If it is for a wheel larger than 15" diameter, a second bottle may be needed.



Removal of the clear coat allows the wheel to be refurbished, bringing it to a like new condition.  You can now use Busch Aluminum Wash and one of our buffing kits to fit a drill to maintain the wheel.


*Contains Methylene Chloride-not available for sale in the state of California*

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Clear Coat Remover 16 fl oz

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