Premium Colored Wax 16 fl oz
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Available Colors:

 Black 86100
 Red 86101
 Maroon 86102
 Navy 86103
 Blue 86104
 Silver 86106
 White 86107
 Grey 86108
 Green 86110


Designed with high-quality montan wax. Very light abrasive remove oxidation and light scratches. Contains a silicone blend to prolong shine and protetion from the elementss. Leaves paint with a very slick finish.


Rated #1 by PPG.

Unique color formulation is very easy to apply and buff off. Removes light oxidation and water reduce their visibility. No streaking or smearing even of dark colors. Leaves a unique vibrant shine without powdery residue. The smooth protective finish significantly improves the radiance and shine of formerly dull paint.

How to Use:

Wash vehicle with Busch Car Wash. Dry vehicle thoroughly.

  1. Wear latex gloves to eliminate staining skin with wax pigments. Apply wax to terrycloth rag, wiping in sections with moderate pressure. You may wax entire vehicle before beginning wipe off. Allow product to haze over for 5 minutes in shade, and 1-2 minutes in sun.
  2. Wipe residue away with clean terrycloth rag. Replace rag when wax residue covers rag.
  3. For machine use, buff residue away using Busch/Schlegel foam paint buffing pad mounted on drill or hand held buffer.


High quality pigments blend in with car color to hide small scratches and chips in paint.

  • Accentuates existing paint color.
  • Hides bug stains on rocker panels.
  • Item #: 86000

Premium Colored Wax 16 fl oz

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